Since 1978, Hugues Chevalier has been creating timeless models of high-end contemporary models, above fashions. By drawing its inspiration from the tradition of the 1930 designers, Hugues Chevalier continues today to innovate by extending its range to decorative and tailor-made products.

To satisfy French luxury lovers, Hugues chevalier’s in-house design department, specialized in interior design, supports each of its clients worldwide in the design and implementation of various projects. Through its renewed collections, Hugues Chevalier combines tradition and modernity and assumes a certain lifestyle.

Hugues Chevalier

Formenti, a leader in the production of prestigious, high-quality furnishings, has always carried out business by selecting materials and finishes according to strict criteria. Based on the experience gained in over forty years of activity, the company is a valid partner for the study and the creation of important projects for unparalleled interior architecture and design.

Thanks to the attention to design and the continuous research on materials, Formenti has created inimitable features and styles, placing leather and the use of unique color combinations as the undisputed protagonists. Formenti invites you to discover, through its range of products, the true essence of “Made in Italy”.

Formenti Divani

Coleccion Alexandra is a dynamic family business that designs and manufactures exclusive handcrafted furniture since 1994. With a very personal philosophy, he develops a unique concept from the perspective of the interior designer and not the traditional furniture manufacturer.

With an unparalleled reputation, the Alexandra Collection dazzles in the international high-end furniture sector. The firm is characterized by redefining interior design by combining classic pieces with elegant textiles and contemporary creations. It is an unprecedented collection.

Coleccion Alexandra

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